Columbia Point Equipment Company, INC.

about us.

Our Mission

“Our Mission is to promote forest and agricultural land health and safety by providing our customers access to our unique knowledge and the best vegetation management equipment on the market.”

-Kyle Barton, President

Extraordinary Experiences

Over the years we have had the opportunity to accomplish many things. We have deep backgrounds in commercial and residential civil construction, as well as an extensive  background completing large scale land improvement projects.

Our Core Values

Our Origins are strongly rooted in small family business, we treat our customers as we would our family.

Our President

Kyle grew up around civil construction  while working for his parents company, Barton Laser Leveling, Inc. in Hermiston, Oregon. He worked as a laborer and operator until he pursued a college education at Kansas State University where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Technology Management as well as a minor in Agronomy. During his time in college the family business had taken on a new adventure, vegetation management. After graduating he moved back to Hermiston to take on a higher role in the family company as the operations manager and head estimator. 

 During this time he and his family, including his two sisters, contributed the completion of many projects including civil construction on commercial properties, hotels, community buildings and even fair grounds. Furthermore, the vegetation management side of the business was booming with jobs including small private land reclamation, government land improvement contracts, orchard and vineyard removal, consulting agreements and contributing to the effort of converting a 27,000 acre tree farm into viable irrigated farm ground. 

The success and scale of the vegetation management business caught the eye of the vegetation management equipment manufacturer, it was at this point the offer was made to become a distributor of the PRINOTH VM equipment. After careful consideration, Kyle and his father created Columbia Point Equipment Company, Inc. to pursue the goal of providing quality equipment and genuine knowledge  in order to improve the health and safety of land, whether it be forest or farm, private or public.