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Forestry Mulchers for professionals, by professionals.

Product overview

Power Range in HP200 – 350 
Overall width in mm [in]2500 [98) / 2800 [110] / 3000 [118]
Working width in mm [in]2050 [81] / 2350 [92] / 2550 [100]
Weight in kg* [lb]2700 [5952] / 2900 [6393] / 3050 [6724]
Tools48xUPTs / 56xUPTs


The M650m is a mulcher for medium-heavy applications with a rotor diameter of 25.6 in (650mm). It is suitable for carrier vehicles with 200 to 350 HP and CAT III/IV.

The M650m mulcher is designed for high-performance carrier vehicles in the power class of 200 – 350 HP for 3-point hitch CAT 3 and 4. With its new UPTs rotor concept, the M650m sets new standards in shredding technology. Adaptions according to application requirements are possible due to the availability of different types of tools . A hydraulic continuously variable follow-up and protective flap provides variable adjustment of the material quality. The double-sided rotor is driven by spring tensioned power belts, that run at the optimum tension. The patented synchronization control of the drive shaft (W-Kinematics) enables full dig of the mulcher at full engine speed due to the optimal drive shaft operation.