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Rotary Mowers

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Not every job allows you the luxury of time, but you still need every job done right. That’s why you use a Diamond Rotary Mower. Our Rotary Mower cuts faster than a flail and costs less to operate.

Diamond uses a two-blade system on a round disc to deliver a nice, clean cut.

The disc is constructed of 1” thick premium steel with hardened, replaceable inserts, giving you unparalleled durability and easy blade maintenance.

Blades attach with castle nuts, roll pins, and hex bolts that have 3,000% more load-bearing surface than traditional key style bolts. The bolt insert is made of harder steel than the disc. When wear occurs the insert can be easily serviced instead of replacing the whole disc.

And the blade carrier is covered by an unprecedented 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
Not that you’ll need it.


Available sizes: 60″ or 72″ Available sizes: 60″ Side with 60″ Rear 72″ Side with 60″ Rear 72″ Side with 72″ Rear

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Virtually Impossible to overheat

Pump & Grill Guard
Add protection for hydraulic components

Auxiliary Light
Auxiliary Light comes standard for enhanced visibility