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For carrier vehicles in the power range 100-180 HP for 3-point hitch CAT II or CAT III.

The PRINOTH M500 mulcher is designed for carrier vehicles with an engine power class from 100 to 180 HP for 3-point hitch CAT II or III.
The single-sided rotor is driven via an integrated transfer case, high-performance power belts and auxiliary drive shafts with optional torque protection and overrunning clutch. The transfer case is also available in a swiveling version (Z-Kinematics) as a further Option.

"Forestry Mulchers For Professionals, By Professionals."


Power class in [HP]100-180
Working width in [mm]1800, 2000, 2300
Total width in [mm]1570, 1870, 2060
Weight [Kg]1570, 1870, 2060
Rotor effective diameter [mm]500
Tools42, 48, 54
3-point hitchKAT II / III
NoteTechnical changes made during the course of further development are reserved.

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