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RT 400

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RT 400


The carrier for heavy accessory and clearing equipment

As a powerful carrier for heavy accessory equipment with a power take-off shaft, the RT 400 is designed for heavy forestry operations. We sell the RT 400 with the UZM700, the RF1000 or H600 as standard. The high efficiency of the mechanical drive train and the low center of gravity guarantee maximum productivity in any terrain.

"Forestry Mulchers For Professionals, By Professionals."


Engine power 294 kW / 400 HP
Engine model Deuz TCD 2015
Speed max. 5,5 km/h (3.42 mph)
Weight with/without mulcher 20270 kg (44687 lbs) / 16000 kg (35273 lbs)
Drive dimension D5H
Width of the standard base plate 600 mm (23.62 in)
Ground pressure g/cm² 480 (600 mm)
Gradeability frontal/sideways 45°/30°
Vehicle dimensions incl. mulcher (length/width/height) 4825mm (189.96 in)/ 3240 mm (127.56 in) / 2750 mm (108.27 in)
Note Technical changes made during the course of further development are reserved.

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