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Boom Attachments

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Boom Attachments

tractor boom attachments

Maintaining fence lines, bridges, overpasses, and other hard-to-reach areas just got easier.

Tractor booms enable operators to clear ordinarily hard-to-reach trees and brush and allow operators to perform a wide range of functions like sawing and mulching. These booms and their attachments will add the versatility you need for everyday operations.

The Rear Cradle Boom comes in a variety of lengths to meet application needs and tractor capabilities:

21-FT | 22-FT | 23-FT | 25-FT | 30-FT


Available in 50” and 60” cutting widths Available in 44”, 50” and
63” cutting widths
Cuts up to 4” material continuously and
8” intermittently
Select models are capable of cutting
up to 6” material
Spindle only requires an
annual oil change.
 Ideal for a finished look
Proprietary Tri-Hex disc provides greater
inertia in tough conditions – 5YR WARRANTY
Ground rollers require no daily
maintenance (Applies to 44” and 50” models only)

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